От 10% до 50% прибыли за сутки

122 дней работы,срок вклада всего 24 часа .
Выплаты мгновенные, партнерам до 20% - автовывод.


Минимальный инвестиционный тариф

+10%/24 часа
  • Вклад от 10 рублей
  • Максимальный 4 999
  • Укажите размер вклада
  • Завтра Вы получите
  • Мгновенный Ввод и Вывод
  • Payeer и PerfectMoney


Минимальный инвестиционный тариф

+50%/24 часа
  • Вклад от 15 000 рублей
  • Максимальный 50 000
  • Укажите размер вклада
  • Завтра Вы получите
  • Мгновенный Ввод и Вывод
  • Payeer и PerfectMoney

Cloud Invest

Investment online platform created for the automatic diversification capital of online investors in the TOP 100 public and private investment companies.

High net profit

All funds are placed at the disposal of more than 100 investment companies providing from 1.2 to 3% net profit per day.

Permanent Accessibility

Our platform is located on a powerful dedicated server, which provides accessibility at any time and from any point.

Funds Security

Each open deposit for is insured by Etiqa Insurance, under the contract number DQPS14868925 dated May 24, 2018 for up to $ 50,000.

Instant Operations

Deposit and withdrawal of funds takes place in automatic mode - without delays.

Online Support

Our support is available 24/7. You can contact through an online consultant or contact via the form in the contact section.

Account Reliability

Observing standard precautionary rules, we can guarantee the safety of funds in your account.

Affiliate program

At the moment, level 1.


1 level

  • 10% from deposit
  • Of your partners
  • Automatic withdrawal to the wallet.

The purpose of the platform, method of work

The goal of our platform is to make online investing convenient, secure and reliable. The choice of investment proposals is very large, but some of them are not stable, they have various inconveniences in receiving and withdrawing profits. That is why our company provides you with the most stable and reliable passive income, the money will simply come to your wallet every day.

At this stage of the platform formation, we have limited the size of the maximum deposit of $ 10 or 600 rubles.

Cloud Invest - 122 days of work.
Users31 members
Investment capital $ 70.67
Fund profit per day $ 1.4134
The amount of payments per day $0.7067

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